Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare a listing for the photo shoot?

First make sure that no one is scheduled to view the property during the appointment time you have with our photographer. Then make sure the following is done:

  • Make your home inviting with no clutter – remove boxes and clutter throughout house
  • Remove personal items from tabletops (including end tables, nightstands, chest of drawers, etc.)
  • Make sure all beds are made
  • Mow lawn and trim bushes
  • Put children’s toys out of sight
  • Move vehicles in driveway and front of home
  • Clear all counter tops in kitchen and bathrooms like a model home would look
    + the kitchen counter can display a couple of items that won’t look cluttered like a coffee pot, plant, bowl of fruit, etc.
    + the bath counters can display a couple of items like a towel rack, plant, etc.
  • Remove refrigerator magnets and papers
  • Open all blinds and drapes and curtains
  • Turn on all lights and replace missing light bulbs
  • Keep toilet seats down

What is your turnkey turnaround time?

We will send the edited photography to you and any requested MLS services within 24 hours. However, the listing services could take another 24 hours to post.

How do you get the photos and virtual tours to me?

Once we’ve finished editing your package, we will email you a direct link to your images and tours.

Will you send my photos and virtual tours to the MLS services?

Absolutely, just let us know the MLS #’s you belong to and where to send the images, and we’ll take care of it for you. If you prefer to directly load the images yourself that is OK also. Just let us know.

How long does it take for my photography to show up on the MLS services, Zillow and other national portals?

Although we send the material immediately upon completion, it can take up to 24 hours to update the material on the MLS, and other national databases.

Am I required to be present during the photo shoot?

It depends on the job. If interior photography is requested and it is listed with FMLS and/or GAMLS and has a SUPRA lock box/e-key, then no one needs to be present because all our photographers have these e-keys. If interior photography is requested and not on a SUPRA lock box, then someone needs to be present to let the photographer into the property. If this is a custom photo shoot or not quoted on the SkyTech website, then someone should be present to make sure the photographer correctly understands the job.